Marco Aicardi 

My name is Marco Aicardi, i've started practicing yoga 8 years ago during one of my journeys in India. At first trying out different styles, including Iyengar and Shivananda, and finally falling in love with Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga. I feel very passionate about this tradition and its transformative potential, and I try to transmit my enthusiasm for this practice to my students, while also trying to keep myself open and enquiring.

I go back to India every winter to deepen my practice in Rishikesh and Mysore and to teach in the lovely village of Gokarna, in Karnataka. In summer I teach regular classes as well as organize retreats in France, Italy and Spain.

I hold a RYT 500®  diploma attained with Kamal Singh of Rishikesh.
Apart from yoga, I've studied and practice Shiatsu and Thai massage, I love cooking vegetarian and vegan food, reading a good book and being in the nature.